1. Discover our simple or two-door refrigerators

    Tired of manually defrosting the refrigerator to keep the food fresh? We’ve got you covered!

    Our Westpoint Nofrost technology has an upgraded air duct and circulation system ensuring frost-free cooling and freezing compartments. No frost, no fuss!

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  2. New Washing Machine?

    Let us help you choose the best one for you.

    Space and time have one thing in common: there never seems to be enough of either. Before purchasing your tumble dryer, make sure you’ve sized up the space you’ve chosen as your desired spot for this new beauty! Oh,
    and don’t forget to measure the width of the doors in your house either! No width, no way!

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    Our home solutions are designed, engineered and manufactured with undivided attention to the details that matter most to our consumers. We strive to deliver crafted breakthrough home solutions with key details that make a big difference.

    Toshiba refrigerators powered by 3System® is installed with 3 specially designed,independent compartments which enable the proper storage of groceries and prevents cross-contamination.

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